AdapTable: Transforming your relationship with Data

Experience the Power of the AdapTable Toolkit

AdapTable turbo-charges your data store, providing the ultimate toolkit to drive your data needs.

A straightforward, but immensely powerful, HTML5 DataGrid add-on, AdapTable integrates with any data system and any data set to provide cutting-edge user tools which otherwise require months of bespoke development.

AdapTable's Unique Offer

Smart searching and filtering to add speed and eliminate errors

Dynamic data management and export fully customisable to individual requirements

Editing and shortcuts to manage views and calculations effectively

Powerful special columns support complex run-time scenario analysis, and user management

Multiple visualisation and styling options to deliver to every user requirement

Customisable notifications and alerts with full audit functionality deliver compliance and user management

AdapTable can help to drive any area of business and solve any data-driven challenge

RESULT: System that allows data changes to be seen clearly with easy, accurate editing
Traders in London and New York
FX trade data
+ AdapTable
RESULT: Allows rapid querying across millions of rows returning rapid results to highlight relevant data
Front office sales teams in global bank
Cross-asset sales data
+ AdapTable
RESULT: Searching and filtering unstructured data, with reports and views to show up to date Libor exposure
Millions unstructured data records referencing Libor
Third party applications reading data
+ AdapTable
RESULT: Able to reduce time to market and increase length of time holding patent.
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Need to exploit patents lifetime
+ AdapTable

How to let AdapTable loose to transform your world

A licence for AdapTable provides access to all product features as well as quarterly updates and enhancements through the lifetime of the licence, comprehensive support, and access to all 3rd party libraries.

Licences can be purchased individually, for a team (minimum 30 end-users), and for integration into software for onward sale.

To try out AdapTable, you can make use of our demonstrations, or we can make a trial licence available for a short period of time.

Get in touch to identify the most practical and cost-effective solution for you.

Adaptable Tools is a startup focussed on transforming the user interface in data systems.

Adaptable Tools currently works with clients in Financial Services and other sectors from its London HQ.

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