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Adaptable Tools introduces the most intelligent form of data management available today – our very own Grid Gurus

Data dominates the future, and despite the growth of AI, humans will have a role for some time to come. But a data management skills shortage is holding back projects and businesses. A recent survey found almost half of all CIOs believe they are missing talent in this area. And when businesses are increasingly driving decision-making with dynamic data, finding ways to address the gaps becomes critical to success.

Adaptable Tools exists because we recognised that data management was becoming increasingly complex, and that there was potential to help. We build smart tools which can integrate and be used easily, first and foremost our award-winning AdapTable, a data management toolbox already transforming systems that use data within the Financial Services sector.

To build AdapTable we had to understand data management across the market, both the tools and the people who need to work with them. There are some great products to assist on challenges that go well beyond our own AdapTable, but they require extensive know how to interface seamlessly with the places that data needs to come from and go to, and to deliver to individual application requirements. Any good developer can learn this, but these skills are not mainstream, and are generally also not central to recruitment or skill sets when building a new data system.

But for us, this is our specialist area, and we seek out for our team the people who love the ins and outs of grid configurations, display modes, data updates and so forth. We know all the technologies that are out there, because we work with them every day. So we understand the optimal use cases for each, and can advise objectively on effective combinations for particular challenges.

Grid Gurus originated from these quirky passions, and the regular requests for help from clients. Our Data Management angels can flit in and out of development teams to assist on project scoping, architecture, workflow, technology choices, grid requirements and set up, regardless of whether AdapTable is involved.

Grid Gurus can come in for a day to bring direction to a project or solve a single problem, dip in and out at key points in the development cycle, or supplement a team to focus on the UI elements of a new system. They can work on site or off site, and as part of the Adaptable Tools family they bring our rigorous focus on quality delivery and user needs to every aspect of their work.

As the requirement for software developers grows, and the numbers graduating into the field remain insufficient to meet demand, we are all going to need innovative solutions. Our response to scarcity should be to find ways to make the limited resource of high quality programmers deliver more in the time available, without escalating delivery costs. That requires smart tools to help good people focus on the things that really need them, and smart resourcing to acquire the specialisms needed. Grid Gurus can be part of that solution. Get in touch to learn more.

Adaptable Tools is a startup focussed on transforming the user interface in data systems.

Adaptable Tools currently works with clients in Financial Services and other sectors from its London HQ.

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