'No Code' makes AdapTable even more... adaptable

A simple wizard guides the DIY version of delivering your data into the AdapTable world

With the launch of a major new feature within AdapTable, users will find they can now drag and drop any data file into the market-leading data management tool.

The No Code version sets users free to take data from anywhere and combine it on the fly with AdapTable, without the need to be dependent on their tech support teams..

With just a couple of clicks, No Code delivers direct access to all the powerful viewing and analysis tools that live within AdapTable. And the advanced 'State Management' features mean that all settings and options will be automatically saved for future use.

AdapTable aims to give users power over their data. Now its straightforward for even the least techno-savvy to take a DIY approach, speeding up the process and setting users free to do whatever they want next with their data.

Check it out for yourself here, or get in touch to arrange a demo to see how it can address your needs.

Adaptable Tools is a startup focussed on transforming the user interface in data systems.

Adaptable Tools currently works with clients in Financial Services and other sectors from its London HQ.

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