Driving Forward the Data Management Revolution Together

At Adaptable Tools we focus on solving the challenges presented by the current unsuitable, duplicated DataGrid offerings within desktop data systems.

Our partners have developed smart solutions to some of the other limitations of the desktop, and together we can offer a seamless experience to clients.


Finsemble provides a state of the art window management system for HTML apps. Working together, we can deliver multiple AdapTable instances in the same workspace which share data and events with each other and with third party widgets.


OpenFin is the browser-based Operating System for Finance. When working in the OpenFin container AdapTable offers exciting additional functionality such as live Excel updates and access to the system tray.


ag-Grid is the market leading HTML5 DataGrid providing a wealth of powerful features. Adaptable Blotter integrates seamlessly with ag-Grid to provide the most powerful and advanced DataGrid solution available.


iPushPull enables you easily to connect data and HTML5 applications in real time. The AdapTable integration with iPushPull allows data to be sent from your grid to Excel, Symphony and elsewhere with exported data updating in real time as your grid data changes.

Norman & Sons

Norman & Sons deliver digital solutions within the Financial Services sector, taking responsibility for design and delivery. They work with a range of leading FinTech businesses to provide the very latest technology to clients, including AdapTable.


Glue42 facilitates communication between legacy and new apps. When using Adaptable, Glue42 users are able to export data to Excel with full validation, comprehensive auditing and 2 way data binding between their worksheet and the Grid.


AdapTable users benefit from access to Infragistics' cutting-edge charting library, enabling them to visualise dynamic data in ways not previously possible.

Adaptable Tools is a startup focussed on transforming the user interface in data systems.

Adaptable Tools currently works with clients in Financial Services and other sectors from its London HQ.

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