Getting Grids to Work for You

Data solutions require specialist skills: AdapTable is one part of the jigsaw; Grid Gurus helps provide the missing pieces.

At Adaptable Tools we can help you with every aspect of your data project.

Nicknamed The Grid Gurus, our consultants have a deep understanding of all the options available in the market and can offer objective input to help design your solution and build it quickly and cost-efficiently.

Grid Gurus can be fully integrated into a development project, or come in for a few days to provide direction and specialist configuration. They can get a Proof of Concept up and running, or set up and configure a DataGrid to suit your precise requirements, while the regular development team is freed up to do other things.

Our services

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DataGrid Installation

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What clients are saying

Hugely valuable input at a key point in my project

Worked well with my developers providing specialist know-how and training them

I’m not sure I would ever have got a demo off the ground without them

A big time and money saver – they knew exactly what to do and found lots of shortcuts

Very professional… really know what they are doing

Contributed new ways of thinking which really strengthened our approach

How it Works

One of our Grid Gurus can come in for as little as one day to add value to your project. They can work with you at any stage, although our clients find they add most value if used at the start when they can help to avoid expensive, time-costly mistakes. They can work on or off site, delivering to any project deadlines.

We can also put together a specialist team for more complex work. We match skills to the particular challenges and knowledge areas required, providing a service focussed on exactly what you need. The service is priced on a time basis, with competitive rates available for longer projects. Get In Touch to find out more.

Grid Gurus' Blog

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A Picture Tells a Thousand Rows

March 01, 2019

At Adaptable Tools we focus on what users need from their data and work to make it easier to harness its power. When it comes to words, those who read visually can manage almost three times as many per minute as regular readers. Under pressure of time to complete a task, that means that their ability to process visually allows them either to deliver in significantly less time – or to use that…

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True Digital Intelligence Needs Brains and Guts

January 10, 2019

Lucy Watson at Cyoda with Adaptable Tools' CEO Danielle Nagler considers the true challenge of Big Data In the world of medicine, the gut is BIG news. Over the last decade, our gut ‘biome’ (the 100 trillion or so bacteria populating the adult digestive tract) has been implicated in virtually every conceivable physical and mental health condition, including obesity, Alzheimers, heart disease and…

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Fixing the Financial Desktop

July 01, 2018

Adaptable Tools' CTO Jonny Wolfson thinks through the challenges of the Financial Services Desktop I'm slow on the uptake. Only after doing the same piece of work for the 6th time for a 6th Bank did I realise the current way we build DataGrids is costly, full of unnecessary duplication and is short-changing our users. And that there has to be a better alternative. Building DataGrids Every…

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Lost in the MIFID Maze

July 17, 2017

Adaptable Tools' CTO reflects on the role of data management in addressing regulatory challenges Compliance is right at the top of the financial services agenda. Whether its MiFID II, MiFIR, GDPR or Solvency2, regulatory requirements - and the associated ability to aggregate, analyse and report on multiple sources of dynamic data - are the main focus at present, with the relevant teams and budgets…

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HTML5 revolution

July 07, 2017

Adaptable Tools' CTO Jonny Wolfson considers the move to the web The best revolutions are those that proceed quietly to make the world a better place, without disruption or violence along the way. The disadvantage of these kind of transformations is that they can go unnoticed, and those who prefer to stick in the past can more easily turn away from change. There’s a movement of this kind now…

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Adaptable Tools currently works with clients in Financial Services and other sectors from its London HQ.

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